Shaykh Muḥammad bin Abī Bakr al-Ḥibshī

الشيخ محمد بن أبي بكر الحبشي


Granted Ijāzah & Thabat

منح المجيد في إجازات وأسانيد الشريف العميد

Title of Thabat: Minḥ ul-Majīd, 1 volume, 323 pages

Cover Page- Granting of Ijāzah to Abu Najm Fernando for this Thabat. Ijāzah for the Thabat of the Shaykh’s father, ad-Dalīl al-Mushīr is granted in a separate document [see attached images].

Part 1- Mention of the Shuyūkh with whom the Shaykh studied

Part 2- Mention of the Shuyūkh who granted the Shaykh Ijāzah

Part 3- Chains of transmission for the Quran, the Six books of Ḥadīth, and some chains of transmission for Hadith Musalsalah

Part 4- A list of scholars who granted the Shaykh Ijāzah and to whom the Shaykh granted Ijāzah.

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