Shaykh Yaḥyā bin Uthman al-Mudarris

الشيخ المحديث يحيى بن عثمان المدرس عظيم أبادي


Granted Ijāzah & Thabat

Title of Thabat: An-Najm ul-Bādī 89 pages

Page 1- Shaykh Yaḥyā grants Abu Najm Fernando Ijāzah for the Thabat along with the official stamp and signature of the Shaykh.

Part 1- Biography of Shaykh Yaḥyā, a list of some students, and his work in knowledge as a teacher and as Imām of al-Ḥaram in Makkah

Part 2- The primary Ijāzāt that the Shaykh received and which he is also passing on to the receiver of the Thabat, namely through: Shaykh Nadhīr Ḥusayn ad-Dahlawī, Shaykh Abd al-Ḥaqq al-Hāshimī, Shaykh Sulaymān bin Abd ar-Raḥman al-Ḥamdān, Shaykh Muḥammad Abd Allah al-Luknawī, and finally Shaykh Ubayd Allah ar-Raḥmanī.

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