Shaykh Abd Allah bin Shaykh M. Ashiq Ilahī al-Barnī al-Madanī

الشيخ عبد الله بن الشيخ محمد عاشق إلهي البرني المدني


Granted Ijāzah & Thabat

العناقيد الغالية من األسانيد العالية

Title of Thabat: Al-`Anāqīd ul-Ghālīyah, 1 volume, 321 pages

The Ijāzah for Abū Najm Fernando from Shaykh Abd Allah al-Burnī is inscribed on the inside cover of a book his father wrote and the Ijāzah for the Thabat is within a general Ijāzah signed by Shaykh Abd Allah al-Burnī in a separate document [see attached].

Part 1- The Spread of Ḥadīth Sciences in Pakistan and India

Part 2- The Establishment of Dār al-`Ulūm in Deoband and Maẓāhir `Ulūm in Saharanpur, India.

Part 3- Major Transmitters of Ḥadīth in This Era.

Part 4- Chains of Transmission of Major Transmitters to the Markaz al-Asānīd of Shāh Walī Allah ad- Dihlawī.

Part 5- Chains of Transmission for Shāh Walī Allah to the Compilers of the Books of Ḥadīth.

Part 6- Various Notes About Shāh Walī Allah’s Chains of Transmission

Part 7- Chains of Transmission for Shaykh Muḥammad `Ābid al-‘Anṣārī as-Sindī

Part 8- Names of Hanafi Narrators Found in the Chains of Transmission

Part 9- Paedonyms, Geographic Origin-Based Names, and Nicknames Referred to in Chains of Transmission

Part 10- Chains of Transmission for the Author, the father of Shaykh Abd Allah al-Burnī, Shaykh `Āshiq Ilahī al-Burnī

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